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3 models. Single and two-stage sensorsThe MBG6000/8000 Glass Break Sensor has a separate microp..
Pandora NAV-035 is a sensitive GPS module uses 2,4 GHz frequency for working with an alarm system ba..
Triggers your alarm if it detects any physical movement in or around your vehicle.The dual zone micr..
When your vehicle is parked and you arm your alarm system, this electronic tilt sensor memorises the..
Ultrasonic sensors fill the interior of your vehicle with inaudible ultra-high frequency sound waves..
Wireless Relay - Immobiliser BTR-101 working with other car security devices and modules through Blu..
Relay module set RMD-8 is a universal module to extend the car alarm function. The main function is..
Full conversion kit for 4 door remote central lockingThe Mongoose MCL3400 remote central locking kit..
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