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  • Brand: Mongoose
  • Product Code: MRC63
  • Availability: In Stock

Remote Control for Mongoose M60 Models. Current from 2009 to mid 2011.

Replacement plastic case: Part# 242163

MRC63B(B for Blue led) not interchangable with MRC63G(G for Green led)

A new remote has to be memorised into your security system for it to operate. The code learning instructions can be found in your owners manual or as detailed below.

  1. Disarm by existing remote, or use the override
  2. Open the drivers door and leave open
  3. Turn the ignition ON/OFF 3 times - siren chirps
  4. Press arm button on first remote (siren chirps)
  5. Press arm button on second remote (siren chirps)
  6. Repeat for any other remotes
  7. Wait 10 seconds for learning process to complete

If no remote button is pressed within 10 sec's of entering learning mode, the system will exit.This procedure can be repeated for up to 4 remotes. Learning just one remote erases all previous. All existing remotes must be learnt at the same time.